Date Night Glassblowing Class

Date Night Glassblowing Class

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date night classes now Available! 

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join us for an exciting hands on glassblowing Class. Instructor and artist Ryan Poignon will take you on a 30min wild ride exploring history, tools and techniques for working with glass. Each group will be exposed to a totally unique experience as you get hands on creating the glass project. Our classes are great for all ages and great for anyone intrigued with glassblowing. 

 - we offer 4 different classes including Marbles, Ornaments, Jewelry & sculptures. Each group will get to choose 1 of the 4 classes 

- Classes last 30 minutes 

  • each person in the class will get a hands on experience creating the project.
  • Once class is finished the glass needs to cool down. Glass items made will be ready for pickup the following day or can be shipped for an additional fee. 
  • All of our Glassblowing classes can be done as a individual, couple or a family up to 6 people. 

Questions give us a call. 419-618-6429

please arrive at least 5 minutes before appointment.